It's the WCMP's (Water Conservation Management Program) and the East Maricopa NRCD's goal to provide technical irrigation services to as many producers in the Phoenix AMA as possible to ensure every producer benefits from the services the program provides; however, the industry has and continues to evolve both from a business and a technological perspective. As technology progresses, producers are left with the challenge of effectively implementing new technologies and maximizing their potential efficiencies; therefore, as producers who have not yet participated with the program are sought, growers who have participated with the program and who have made changes to or acquired new ground call upon the program, its knowledge and expertise, to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency.

The ultimate goal of the WCMP and the East Maricopa NRCD is to conserve water. Working with producers who are unfamiliar with the program is important; however, it is equally as important to maintain relationships with past participants who are attempting to continue using irrigation water as efficiently as possible. The WCMP strives to provide “new participants” technical irrigation services that reflect a minimum of 10-15% of the total number of growers participating in the program annually.