Conservation Efforts

1935 Public Law 46 passes Congress by unanimous vote. Soil and water conservation and wise land use declared a national policy.
1937 President Franklin D. Roosevelt provided states with model legislation to create conservation districts.
1941 March 17, Arizona Soil Conservation District Enabling Act became effective. Only crop land was included. A State Soil Conservation Committee was established consisting of the Governor, the Water Commissioner, the Arizona State Land Commissioner, and the Director of the Agriculture Extension Service.
First meeting of the Arizona Association of Conservation Districts (AACD) held in December.
The State Soil Conservation Committee was abolished and administration was transferred to the Arizona State Land Commissioner. H. Lynn Anderson was appointed Administrative Officer for the Division of Soil Conservation at the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD). 27 districts were in existence.
1946 The National Association of Conservation Districts was formed.
1950 The Wayne Kessler appointed as the Soil Conservation Administrative Officer. The job title changed several times. During his tenure Wayne also continued serving the Arizona Association of Conservation Districts, first as Secretary and then as Program Director.
1954 Rangeland was added to the districts. There were 46 districts in AZ.
Statutes revised to provide for adjustment of district boundaries, name changes, and broadened authority. Consolidation results in 32 districts, from 52.
First state funding approved for the districts – $3000 per year, per district.
Name changed to Natural Resource Conservation Districts (NRCD).
Wayne Kessler retired from state government, was elected to the Agua Fria NRCD Board, and as Vice-President of the AACD Executive Board.
Bob Yount was named NRCD Administrator.
1982 State funding increased to $5000 per year, per district.
Bill Dowdle was named as NRCD Administrator.
Funding increased to $10,000 per year, per district.
Bill Warskow accepted the appointment to serve as NRCD Administrator and AACD hired their first paid Executive Director.
State funding increased to $15,000 per year, per district, and each education center was authorized for $30,000 per year.
Jody Latimer, former NRCD Supervisor and AACD Executive Board member, is named as NRCD Administrator.
Douglas Witte, former ASLD Area Range Resource Manager, is named as NRCD Program Manager.
Amber Morin was named NRCD Manager.
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